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Andy Brey is soft-spoken in person, but his music has a power and focus that draws you right in. His fearless and honest 6-song EP “Jamboree” is a distorted lens into his life as a burnt-out geologist living in Florida. Looking for a new creative outlet, Brey decided to get on the musical map in 2020 with a debut release of his original music. “Over the years, I habitually found myself wondering what the hell I’d actually accomplished creatively in my life. One of my goals is simply to be a dude that shares his music with the world,” Brey proclaims.

Tampa-based singer/songwriter Andy Brey conjures vivid imagery with his inventive and sometimes witty lyrics.  The music winds through a hazy modern world, yearning to escape from under the talus of a 21st century schizoid American existence.

At the start of 2019, a new crop of songs was sprouting and growing within me and I felt the time was right to begin creating in earnest,” says Brey.  For this project, "Jamboree", he sought out the help of a long-lost friend, Los Angeles-based producer/engineer Jamie Candiloro (R.E.M., Ed Kowalczyk, Luscious Jackson) to assist in shaping the sounds and vibe of the recordings.  So, in September 2019 Andy grabbed a flight to LA and reconnected with Jamie and made a record.

Brey's EP is anchored with the formidable drum sounds of Jay Bellerose (T-Bone Burnett, Steve Earle) and bass underpinnings of Jennifer Condos (Ray LaMontagne).  Mark Goldenberg (Jackson Browne, The Pointer Sisters) provides tasty and multifarious electric guitar and B3 organ stylings.  Bolstered by concise brass parts (Brey also plays trombone along with LA trumpeter Roy Weigand), the tracks were recorded in Studio 3 at Sunset Sound in Hollywood.  Matt Burke (HGWT) makes a musical cameo appearance on one track with some sinister electric guitar. This EP offering is alive with a rich vibe and robust sonic clarity, the likes of which would make Shostakovitch jealous.  

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